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Afing + Apong Duo

Afing + Apong Duo

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· A special tool for gradient nails!

· Ablliz’s finger, afing that can fix the sponge
which is essential for high-quality gradation work!

· It is a pen-type shape with a normal thickness and when you press the head of afing, the holder comes out.

· The holder can be easily held regardless of the area of the sponge with its wide-spread holder.

· No more puffs for makeup! Sponge, don't use anything.

· A special sponge for gradient nails, apong.

· apong is contained in a slide pouch that cute Agom is drawn in a fresh purple color can be used for multiple purposes.

· With excellent restoring force shape, the sponge is not crushed.

· Cut into a rectangular parallelepiped to fit the nail body,
the area can be used differently depending on the purpose!

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