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Madam Glam

Flying purple

Flying purple

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Eggplant purple

Transform yourself in the elegant and mysterious woman with this beautiful cat eye shade!

NOTE: The magnet stick IS NOT included with this product. Please add it separately to your cart.

Formula & Curing time:

  • Formula: Shimmer | 3D Cat Eye Effect
  • Colored base needed: Perfect Black, Perfect White or any color of your choice
  • Magnetic particles embedded in the gel
  • 2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 seconds by LED

Size of the bottle: 15 ml | 0.5fl oz

1. After base coat applied and cured, apply one layer of Perfect Black gel polish and cure.
2. Shake your Cat Eye bottle.
3. Apply one layer of your cat eye color. DO NOT CURE!
4. Hold the magnet stick close to the nail in the position where you want the 3D effect.
5. Once you have the effect you want, cure under LED (30 sec.) or UV Lamp (2 min.)
6. Apply top coat and cure. Your Cat Eye Nails are ready with an awesome 3D effect.

TIP: You can create multiple effects by repeating the steps and holding the magnet in different positions over your nails.

Most common mistakes when doing your manicure:

  • Applying lotion or cuticle oil before doing your manicure.
  • Getting gel polish on your skin or cuticles and cure it.
  • Not wiping off the sticky layer from your regular top coat.
  • Applying thick layers of soak off gel polish.

Dipentaerythritol Hexaacrylate, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Silicon Dioxide, Chromium Metal, Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, Phenylbis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine Oxide, Pigments.

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