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Mango Nail Bit Set

Mango Nail Bit Set

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5 piece Mango beat nail bit set 

1. Gel OFF Beat : Low vibration and heat with removal dental ceramic such as softgel/overlay/glitter/mass art!

2. Cuticle UP Beat : Weak Cuticle and Strong Cuticle Both PUSH UP without pain! No grit, damage to nail surface ZERO!

3. Loose Skin CLEAN Beat : Removes the sticking loose skin in one shot! It's also good for chin removal for length extension surgery!

4. All-in-one eraser beat : loose skin/sidewall smooth removes calluses without irritation, no heat and no vibration!

5. Parts beat : nimble points, remove the thick gel between the parts gaps, it's hard and takes a long time to remove the parts. 

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