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Ponyo BN478

Ponyo BN478

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1 sheet per pack

How to use a water transfer sheet:

  1. First, apply nail polish for the base of your nail art. There are two types of water decals available in the market; one can be applied to any base nail polish colour and the other should be on a white base colour only. I am using those that can be applied to any base.
  2. Make yourself a workplace by collecting everything you need in one place. That includes a pair of tweezers, a bowl of water (room temperature) and a sheet of waterslide decals.
  3. Remove the protective sheet of the decal sheet.
  4. Cut a piece of water slide decal. You don't need to cut the picture closely. Just cut a square piece of the sheet.
  5. Put the piece in the water bowl for 5–10 seconds.
  6. Take it out with tweezers. Now, pick the decal from the sheet carefully and set it on your nails.
  7. Finally, apply a top coat on your nails for long-lasting nail art.
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